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「馬鹿 is 素晴らしい」 ~baka is subarashii~ [entries|friends|calendar]
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notice of disbandment [19 Nov 2007|11:02pm]

[ mood | melancholy ]

as promised, i'm bringing the translated comments from each and every member about the disbanding of bis. please feel free to comment if you have any thoughts; share your love for bis and how their music has affected you, anything.

i would like to ask of everyone to not take the translations out of the comm. if you must do so, please do so by linking back to the comm and this entry. crediting me is optional but would be very much appreciated.

and so, on to the serious business.

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MOD POST: NOTICE [18 Nov 2007|10:49pm]

i'm sure people here have also heard it over at _freestylerock about bis' decision to disband. the news is really sudden ._.;; i thought that their change in image (they've got from visual to oshare to uh, not really much visualness?) and the releases was a sign that they were picking up from there. but apparently not :\

firstly i want to apologise for whatever crappy translations i've done that still didn't help you in understanding more about bis and disappearing for almost about a year after two months. school left me with no time to translate their holiday blogs, looking at the frequency they update. pia (sunflowerpia) carried on a bit from where i left off and all the way till february and i thank her for that. she's now in japan studying so i guess she's too busy to do anymore for now.

even if i don't translate their holiday blog anymore and i've never heard their most recent album (yeah, please hit me) i'm still attached to them after the non-stop translating duties i've had in this comm. their disbandment came as really sad news for me so i've decided to translate each member's comments regarding bis' decision to disband.

i'll get the translations done and put up as quickly as i can and then share them over at _freestylerock.

in the meantime, please feel free to share your thoughts about this or any comments; and if anyone has any requests for me to translate any diary entries of theirs regarding their disbandment i'll try to. right now it's the school holidays for me but i'm working so it'll depend on my schedule. i'll definitely get the 4 member's message up asap though. so far i noticed that shunsuke's entry on the holiday blog is exactly the same as the one on their OHP but tsukasa's (the most recent one the last time i checked) is slightly different so if anyone wants me to do that i'll try my best.

yoroshiku~ m(_ _)m
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later... [10 Dec 2006|01:32am]

tomorrow to be welcomed by such faces when making our appearance on stage we will be delighted to tears (laugh)

maru 20061120

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note: check out the pic maru posted up of doraemon when he meant ‘such faces’ it’s hilarious XD alright people, i'm officially happy because from a whopping 30 entries that we were lagging behind (all thanks to shunsuke and seika), we're now just 13 entries behind! 30 --> 13!! <-- EMPHASIS!!! XDDD yes bis needs to give us a breather and give us a fake sense of accomplishment eh? WE WILL CATCH UPPPPP!!! YOSHHHHH~ 8D
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[10 Dec 2006|01:29am]

Tomorrow will be a bis live after a super~ long time so we’re rehearsing …
Dangerous (laugh)
Shall look forward to it ♪
tomorrow everyone be prepared for us! (laugh)

The photo is of the studio.

maru 20061120

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Chicken zombie has come to an end. [10 Dec 2006|01:28am]

Hello. Shunsuke here.
yesterday spicing up the last session boom [chicken zombie]'s live was done at shinjuku holiday. thank you to those who came! though it's only a session i'm satisfied! however it was almost self-satisfaction! (laugh)

shall write and explain the set list

[chicken zombie]…
2・J'S SONG (WYSE)3・ノスタルジア (ElDorado)
4・黙示録 (ElDorado)
6・Smells Like Teen Spirit (NILVANA)
7・僕たちの失敗〈ラウドヴァージョン〉 (森田童子)

and so it's like that! in the last song there was furious ad lib, so it became a wonderful thing, a session with a huge satisfaction.

tomorrow it's a bis tokyo live after two months at Area! we shall do it strongly and to our best there!

Well then, we shall meet at takadanobaba! Till then!

shunsuke 20061119

日本語Collapse )

Note: I decided against translating the song names. And it should be NIRVANA not NILVANA ne, I think everyone would know that XD i wonder how it would sound like~ ad lib would mean like improvisation, so I’m guessing shun’s saying that there was a lot of improvisations and it turned out great and all XD. And the part about their Tokyo live..the whole thing is really hard to translate from Japanese to English so I just rephrased it and summarized the general feel and meaning of that they would try to mean XD
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[10 Dec 2006|01:26am]

I’m surprised…
Yesterday I unknowingly slept and when I woke up it’s such a time… (p_-)
An absurd lifestyle gone out of order…

Today shunchan probably acted violently at the session (laugh)
yesterday i was told to talk and prepare various materials, although it was a pleasure, sorry.

Was I able to get up with shunchanchan? (laugh)

The photo is during the poscam PV (laugh)
But it is impossible (laugh)

maru 20061119

日本語Collapse )

note: okay i don't get what the whole entry was about @_@;; and i don't wnana know what he means when he asks if he's able to wake up/get up with shunchanchan XDDDD and omfg -->shunchanchan<-- XDDDD okay i am on crack.
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Malicious disperse (?)o(´^`)o [10 Dec 2006|12:22am]

Seika here o(´^`)o I can’t see what’s only in front… things that should be done are not done. We also become more aware when we are being taught by a person. Right now I can see a ray of light before my eyes.

I drank by myself before I went to work.

It’s been cold recently so everyone don’t catch a cold~

And so,


seika 20061117

日本語Collapse )

note: HELLO. I AM STILL LIVING. I DON'T KNOW WHAT SENSE THE TITLE MAKES XD AND LASTLY, ME AND PIA WILL CATCH UP WITH BIS!!! YOSHHH!!! ah, their blog still doesn't work for me. at least at the moment @_@;;
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Halo halo [10 Dec 2006|12:20am]

Shunsuke. Hello. Today is very busy however I will perservere.

Halogen heater still my boom!

See you.

shunsuke 20061117

日本語Collapse )
Note: my boom means like ‘my current craze’ or ‘my obsession’. Yeap
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Tsu. [10 Dec 2006|12:19am]

some time ago in the middle of movement I was surprised and stopped (laugh)
a carrying case like this… I don’t know if it’s okay to open it but
if allowed to and something pink comes out I will be happy (laugh)

the red button at the top chimes right? Should I press it or not (laugh)

tsukasa 20061117

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A person who’s like my older brother [09 Dec 2006|01:44am]

Shunsuke here.

this is the person who takes charge of my ESP bass monitor, mannari-san.

the existence of someone who's like my older brother. he always gets mad when i call in the dead of the night (laugh) [what time is it now!!].

he also gets angry when i don't take care of my musical instruments. (laugh).

and so though he's often made angry, i still listen to his brotherly advices.

(he) puts in brotherly influence man. (...bad influence?)

later, during former days, at roppongi... (the following abbreviation! laugh.)

…such is a brother that I am able to rely on.

in troubled times he's the nice guy who always listens to me talk!!

i also want to ride in the sports car!! (laugh)

till then.

shunsuke 20061116

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